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For years, thousands of people have enjoyed the variety and quality of programming at the Ann Arbor District Library. But who has the time or energy to attend all of the interesting looking events? Fret no longer, because Video on Demand is up and running! Just browse the extensive list of programs, and select one to view on your computer or download to an iPod anytime at no charge. To cite just a few of the presentations: people like Nancy Pearl, Cokie Roberts, Anthony Shadid, Yarn Harlot, or informative panel discussions are available for video or audio feed. So relax and enjoy great AADL programming whenever you choose.

Top of the Park


Have you been to Top of the Park this year? If not, this week is a perfect opportunity to come on down and support the Ann Arbor Summer Festival!

This week's entertainment includes performances from The Dream Engine (Wednesday -Saturday this week only), enchanting aerialist performers that suspend themselves from a larger-than-life helium balloon, wonderful musical performances, and an ecclectic collaboration of movies at dusk for all to enjoy...and it's all for free!!!

You can view the entertainment schedule at the Festival Website.

Top of the Park is located at Ingalls Mall, directly in front of the Horace H. Rackham School of Graduate Studies on Washington Street near the Burton Memorial Tower.

The Festival runs till July 6th, so come prepared to dance, sing along and have a good time!

Rain Drops Keep Falling On My Head


When the weather turns blustery and sometimes severe, do you know what to do to protect yourself? Learn more about storms and what to do in storm-related emergencies by going to the Washtenaw County MSU Extension web site’s Emergency Management page. Their Natural Disaster information includes a Disaster Response notebook with advice on what to do as soon as the power goes out after a storm, the safe use of dry ice, maintaining an emergency food supply and more. Don't forget to check AADL's favorite weather sites for more weather related information. The next time the sky turns dark and raindrops begin to fall you'll know what to do if the weather becomes severe.

Fresh Food, Fresh Ideas

You can still join Community Farm of Ann Arbor and get plenty of fresh, local food this growing season. There is even a kitchen tied to the farm. Need more green ideas? Check out the new book Go Green, Live Rich: 50 Simple Ways to Save the Earth and Get Rich Trying.

Navigating aadl.org

Book clubs are for readers of all ages. The flowering of tween and teen lit offers many possibilites for terrific social and educational group activities. Whether your book group is for adults or adolescents, aadl.org has excellent books and data bases that will assist you in your quest for great reads. Just click on Research at the top of this page, choose Research Databases by Subject, then Arts & Literature to see what we have. You may also attend the June 24 1:30-3:00 pm program at Malletts Creek Branch, How to Get the Most from aadl.org to learn how to use our databases and several other user friendly features of our Website.

What to do with Old Shoes?


Until June 28 you can drop off GENTLY USED shoes to any of Running Fits' seven southeast Michigan locations. The shoes will then be shipped to Soles4Souls, a nonprofit that distributes to more than 40 countries. Two UofM graduates started this used-shoe drive. Wearing shoes can help prevent hookworm, which is a parasite that enters through the foot. For more information visit www.runningfit or Soles4Souls.

Free and Easy Interlibrary Loan

If you want to obtain the covers of available children's titles described in Harold Darling's From Mother Goose to Dr. Seuss, AADL interlibrary loan can order them for you at no charge. In fact, any title that is not listed in this catalog can be searched and requested by clicking on Request ILL from the Catalog page. It is quicker to order books from MeLCat in Michigan, otherwise WorldCat will scour the country for your title. It's another great service from aadl.org.

Google Maps for Ann Arbor has Street Views

Google MapsGoogle Maps

Type in an address in Ann Arbor in Google Maps and you can now see the Street View.

Street View gives you a photographic view of the street and allows you to move up and down the block and to pan to the right or left and to zoom in on houses or businesses or pedestrians. The gas station at Packard and Stadium has gas for sale for $2.89/gallon so the drive-by must have been a while ago. It was garbage day at my house. You can see the garbage bin, the recycle bins, and the compost bin in front of the house. The addresses on streets are approximate so you may have to move up or down the block to find the address you are seeking.

Arbor Update has a blog about Street View. Trying to sleuth the exact date/dates seems to be one of the pleasures for users. Some areas appear to have been covered on a football Saturday.

Take a look. Interesting and fun. The Michigan Theater was showing Born into Brothels. You cannot quite read the menu posted outside Zanzibar. The Y is still standing across from the Downtown Library.

What Should I Read? We suggest trying BookLetters


Booklovers everywhere value suggestions only from trusted sources - like from your favorite librarian. Now, there is another source - BookLetters.

When you subscribe to any (or all) of these 20 e-newsletters, you will receive monthly email newsletters with a list of carefully selected and reviewed choice titles to match your interest, whether it's with award winners, book club choices, fiction, mystery, science fiction and fantasy, business, or science and nature. Check out the Teen Scene and the Children's Chapter Books for the young readers in your family.

So when your favorite librarian does not answer the phone at 2 a.m. and you need a quick book fix, check your email (or RSS feed). But first, you have to subscribe and do let us know how you like them.

Paul Outerbridge - American Photographer

Paul OuterbridgePaul Outerbridge

"Art is life seen through man's inner craving for perfection and beauty--his escape from the sordid realities of life into a world of his imagining... To the artist is given the privilege of pointing the way and inspiring towards a better life." --Paul Outerbridge (1896-1958).

Paul Outerbridge: Color Photographs from Mexico and California, the 1950s, the current exhibition at the University of Michigan Museum of Art, is organized around Outerbridge's photographs of small towns along California’s coastline and Mexico’s Baja peninsula, showcasing "his virtuosic use of form, color and atmosphere from vernacular".
An opening lecture "In Praise of Shadows" by Brendan Fay, of Harvard University Art Museums and an alumnus of UM, will situate the work of Paul Outerbridge in the larger context of experiments with color photography at midcentury, on Friday, June 13, 5 p.m., 4448 East Hall, 530 Church Street, Ann Arbor. The event is free and open to the public.

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