AADL subscribes to an online tutoring service called Brainfuse. Brainfuse is more than just a website, it actually gives you access to tutors you can chat with live. Each of these tutors has a specialty area as well as being trained in online teaching techniques to help explain the tough subjects. You can choose your topic, and be as specific or general as you like. Also, you can either have tutors help you with particular homework questions, or just work with you to build up your skills. Instruction is available in English or Spanish in subject areas like math, English, science, and social studies. Tutors are available from 2-11pm every day of the week, and no appointment is necessary. In addition to tutoring, the HelpNow 3.0 upgrade Study Suite offers study tools for an array of Standardized Tests. The interactive Flashbulb gives learners access to an extensive library of online flashcard sets in hundreds of subjects. The Test Center allows students to take practice tests in core subjects.

Have fun using Brainfuse!

Accessing Brainfuse for the first time:
Brainfuse may require that you download software in order to use the live whiteboard feature. It only takes a few seconds, and it won't do any damage to your computer or take up too much space. To do this, simply follow the link to Brainfuse and enter your username and password when asked. When you make a selection from the first Brainfuse menu, it will tell you if the proper software is not installed on your computer. Follow the directions given by the Brainfuse site to enable the proper features by installing ActiveX Control.

Mac Users: If you have to manually install the Brainfuse application, you have to drag it from your Downloads to your Applications folder before Brainfuse will work.

If you have any questions or comments about Brainfuse, they can be contacted directly either through their contact form or their toll-free number 1-866-272-4638.



Liked the concept of brainfuse very much. In my personal opinion online studies is the best way to gain knowledge.

Adel, in answer to your question belatedly, the tutoring service Brainfuse is free for aadl library card holders. If you have a valid AADL library card and have internet access, you could benefit from this service, even in Nepal.


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