Bi-Folkal Kits

Telling Stories Together...

    Bi-Folkal Kits provide all the materials and many hands-on ideas needed for activity directors and older adults to make their own good time! Older adults carry a rich history inside them. By choosing one of several themes to reminisce about, looking at historic photos and mementos, and singing familiar songs, a group can quickly create connections by sharing their stories with one another. These kits are also easily adapted to intergenerational settings, religious groups, scouts, or schools.

Every kit contains the following items:

    • Program Guide for different ability levels
    • DVD slide show
    • 25 large print songbooks
    • CD for singing along
    • Familiar items to touch and smell

...and some also include:

    • Black & White photographs
    • Actiphile activity pages

Planning Your Bi-Folkal Event

    With a little planning and a bit of showmanship, you can present one or more 30-60 minute programs with each Bi-Folkal Kit. Library cardholders (individual or business) may check-out one kit at a time for two weeks; ample time to go over the program guide, review the DVD slide show and listen to the sing-along songs on the CD before your program date. You'll be impressed with the variety of ideas you can use to suit the interests of your group. You may also consider borrowing books and CDs from the Library's large collection to even further enhance your event.

Borrowing Information:

    • Browse our catalog to view and place a request on available kits.
    • To reserve a kit call (734) 327-4219

Bi-Folkal Kit themes:

    African American Lives: The rich memories of a long Philadelphia teaching career contained in “Aunt Shirley’s Trunk" and pride in the Civil Rights struggle portrayed in “The Faith of Dr. Samuel Proctor,” provide excellent material for any group to appreciate the mementos and accomplishments of lives well lived.

    Birthdays: Many people grew up without celebrating their birthdays with presents and cake as is often done today. However, memories of birthdays past and plans for future celebrations bring time to share the old and the new. Celebrate! is a short DVD included in the kit. Sing -alongs, poetry, skits and games are also part of the fun.

    Fashion: Fashion is clothes and hair and jewelry, and make-up and shoes that meet our needs and express our ideas and emotions and stretch our budgets. Have fun seeing how the more things change, the more they stay the same over the generations.

    The Fifties: The first decade after World War II witnessed major changes in how we lived: family, housing, education, music, appliances and work. Join the fun in remembering what you were doing back when.

    Home: Our childhood experiences of home stay with us for most of our lives. This kit uses props like a clothespin or a photo of parents helping a child with their homework at the kitchen table to trigger those memories. You can even imagine the home of your dreams.

    The Home Front: Three generations, now living, have been directly affected by World War II. This kit is designed to bring together grandparents, parents and children to share what it was like to live in the United States from December 1941 to August 1945.

    Music: Music is the universal language; a familiar song begins, and we immediately travel to another place and time. Explore the powerful associations of this great art form and how it has affected the lives in your group.

    Pets: Pet owners have a lot to say about animals they have known and loved. They cherish memories of names, unusual traits and tricks, but mostly the loyalty and loving relationship.

    School Days: Singing "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" and "School Days" bring back fond recollections, as do school plays, sports, and cafeteria lunches. But certain teachers and unique classmates hold places of honor in your memory.

    Spring: This season is full of hope and renewal for many people, especially as the natural world comes alive and we put away our winter clothing. It’s a nice way to learn about the experiences of others, whether they greeted spring in the city, town or country.

    Summertime: What home remedies did you use to treat sunburn, insect bites, bee stings or poison ivy? Could you find a favorite swimming spot or family vacation route on a map? Which summer job stands out most? Lemonade, anyone?

    Fall: You are invited to recall magnificent autumns past: the harvest, a final summer outing, seeing old friends and teachers, and making new friends at school. How has getting ready for winter changed over the years?