If you find space travel intriguing in anyway whatsoever, I highly recommend science writer Mary Roach’s latest book: Packing for Mars. In it, Roach asks every question imaginable about life in space. Fair warning: no topic is too gross for Mary Roach. She gets a kick out of telling which famous astronaut suffered from severe motion sickness and about the grim realities of going to the bathroom in space.

Alongside the gross-out moments are fantastic behind-the-scenes anecdotes from the numerous astronauts she interviewed for the book. One of the highlights is Roach’s own zero-gravity experience, in which she tags along as a journalist on a research flight and gets in trouble for using one of the experiments to push off so she can fly around the cabin. Take a look, Mary Roach is a top-notch writer who turns science into stories and finds the humor in every situation.