The book covers how the wealthy are manipulating the voting process by not only funding the super-PACs but also using money for methods (mostly illegal) to limit the number of registered voters among the following poor groups (Blacks, Hispanic, Indians, Jewish, Aged, Military, and College Students) in the United States. The process is advertised as a method to stop fraudulent voting by unqualified individuals which very rarely occurs (less than lightning strikes). Much more frequently the elections process has problems with illegal vote counts caused by human error or ballot recording machines (intentionally or otherwise). These efforts are combined with attempts to electronically count the ballots so no accurate recount record can be obtained. Computer programs are run to purge large numbers of qualified voters. Included in this group are college students with two addresses, military families with two addresses, people with name close to felons names from other states like Johnson (it should be noted that only three states have laws which exclude ex-felons from voting, etc... When people find out they have been purge many are given a provisional ballot which are often not approved. No notification is sent to the people who have been purged or if the provisional ballots were used. Interesting reading.