What's with Zemeckis & plane crashes?
Washington's performance, one of the best of his career, makes this film a "must see." (He was nominated for an Oscar.) The rest of the cast, Kelly Reilly and John Goodman in particular, are also excellent.

Some people have the wrong impression about the subject matter of this film. Despite a thrilling "action" sequence within the first half hour (said "flight"), this is *not* an action movie. It's more about the toll of alcohol and drug abuse. If the R rating didn't tip you off already, be warned this is not appropriate for young children. There is excessive violence, many scenes of drug and alcohol abuse, as well as a long scene featuring full frontal female nudity.

I was impressed how suspenseful this film continued to be, even after the crush sequence within the first half hour.

Nervous flyers beware: this one will mess you up for a bit.