I've been interested in learning about the basics of nutrition and eating healthier for a long time, but with all of the conflicting information that flies around I've always felt lost--and no one seemed to give me any reason to believe that their arguments were more founded than the next. Dr. Weil's book is different. He basis all of his conclusions in scientific facts that he lays out in terms simple enough for me to understand without a science heavy background. The book is informative and very interesting--I've barely put it down since I picked it up! I would, and in fact have, recommended this book to anyone who was interested.
More importantly, Dr. Weil focuses on taste/pleasure of eating as much as health of eating, so he doesn't recommend a depressing diet of all raw vegetables for the rest of your life. He really emphasizes variety, texture, aroma, taste and enjoyment from eating a well balanced (explained for once) diet!