Very creative
If you are a fan of "Found Music" (non-traditional instrumental music, eg made by groups like Stomp, Blue Man Group, and others), off-beat creative movies (pun intended ;-), or musical comedies, you should definitely see this one.

An incredibly creative exploration of Found Sound, this absurd romp revolves around two elements: the group Six Drummers, "dangerous" Avant-garde musical artists fanatically driven to create the Ultimate Musical Concert ("in several movements") using the entire cityscape as instruments regardless of the consequences, and the story of "Amadeus", a tone-deaf detective from a large family of musical geniuses who has to live down constant reminders of the fame of the rest of his talented family (especially his conductor brother) when he has no apparent talent at all. But because of his family's heritage, Amadeus is the only policeman to realize that the terror and chaos in the city is being created by musicians, and he begins the hunt to stop them.

The compositions and "found instruments" show significant creativity. In addition, there are a number of very funny points and quotable lines throughout the movie, adding to the absurdity of it all.

This is a Foley Artist's dream movie. Extensively researched (the bonus material states "before production began over 29,000 sound samples were collected as an initial working set") each of the musical compositions were created by an amazing array of "instruments" both tonal and percussive, selected from an eclectic set of venues. For example, in the bonus material the movie developers stated they searched for a long time just to find a motorized medical table that generated the right PAIR of "chords" when it moved, to work with one composition. They also stated that one of their biggest challenges was reducing the instrument count of each composition to make it possible to be played by only six musicians.

In Swedish, with subtitles. But don't let that deter you. This movie is an exploration of musical sounds so it works in all languages.

The only plot element that I found distracting at first was one character's "selective deafness", being used as a tool. (...and given the absurd premise of the movie overall, that's saying a lot!) But when you see how it is finally applied in the climax, it provides an interesting and satisfying final plot twist to serve the character's long term needs.

The bonus materials includes explorations in the creation of Found Music, and the construction of the various compositions.

- Keith Mc.