One side says the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution says it applies to state militias. Another side says it's an individual freedom. They're both right, and they're both wrong. The founding fathers didn't all agree on what they meant when they wrote it - Jefferson was in favor of an individual right to bear arms, much like today's NRA. But Madison wanted strict limits on gun ownership, and they had to settle for a compromise, that we're still fighting about today.

This is a fascinating history of the evolution of the meaning of our 2nd Amendment as our country changes from a small country at war with the world superpower to the superpower ourselves. From what started as a civic duty that every colonist owed their independent country (State) and their confederation, to just before the modern Supreme Court's interpretation that the "militia clause" is meaningless, Prof. Cornell goes over each major event in the country's history that changed the way we've looked at the right to bear arms.