A big misstep and it's still a five-star book.
Moore may have made his first stumble of the series when he had a scientist emerge from an experimental life-saving procedure with villainous superpowers. [roll eyes] This happened at the very end of the volume and I'm hoping it can be salvaged in volume five.

Aside from that, the characters are amazingly human. Moore blends drama and unexpected humor perfectly. He has managed to make what should be a wacky tale about about a magic suit of liquid metal and a sinister government conspiracy feel entirely believable. Echo is simply one of the best series I've ever read. Here's hoping for a strong finish.


Julie and Pam go to Ivy's, where Julie uses the Beta suit to help Ivy's sick daughter. Dillon and Dan get the backstory on HENRI and the suit from Will. Cain continues to leave a trail of death and carnage in his wake as he tracks Julie. And HENRI racks up a body count trying to cover its tracks.