Might be okay for manga-lovers.
Eden is a Japanese manga (is that redundant? not sure) about a pandemic that wipes out most of the world by turning skin to stone. Naturally it's the US government's fault. And there's a shady secret organization that might be trying to save the world or might just be trying to capitalize on the misery. A kid and a combat robot travel the ruins learning to hunt and having conversations about what it means to be human .

I feel like there's probably a great story here, but the whole experience was just...awkward. While I obviously can't fault the book for it, reading right to left and back to front was annoying; I couldn't get immersed in the story because I was constantly reminding or correcting myself on which side of which panel I was supposed to be reading.

But the translation was also awkward. The awkward way most of the word balloons were awkwardly split to both sides of a panel, at an awkward point IN MID-SENTENCE, was awkward. And almost all the characters look like girls. For these things, I do fault the book.

Were I an experienced mangaphile, I imagine this might--maybe--have been a five-star experience. But I'm not, and it wasn't.