If you are looking for imaginative cuisine with bold flavors, this is not the book for you. While the recipes are very quick, and feature inexpensive, easily found ingredients, there's not much else to recommend it. Of the recipes I've tried, everything tastes okay (except the Pumpkin Sage Pasta, which I did not like at all), but nothing is particularly exciting. The Tempeh Chili Mac was probably the most interesting in texture and flavor, and would make a good "throw together at the last minute" meal on a busy weeknight. If super low key is what you're looking for, then give this book a try. For more adventuresome vegan cooking, try Veganomicon, Vegan Eats World, or Vegan Soul Kitchen.

EDIT: I made the Cajun Chickpea Patties today and they were actually quite delicious! If you check out this book, be sure to try this recipe.