This is a really lovely book with wonderfully clear and bright pictures. I didn't find the background on different fruits/vegetables/nuts/oils/etc to be particularly helpful, but only because I've read so much about that elsewhere. The recipes didn't do much for me, either; nothing was particularly special compared to stuff I've seen in the Veganomicon and other vegan cookbooks, but as a starter cookbook, it gives a good representation of delicious vegan food. This would make a great gift for someone who is newly vegan.

I did still enjoy the stories of real animal rescues (farm, companion, and exotic animals), the write-ups of animals and animal rights in literature, and the sections on how to handle common questions from non-vegans (like the perennial "If you were on a deserted island and had no food, would you eat a hamburger?") Patrick-Goudreau handles these questions in a compassionate, thoughtful way. I would recommend checking this book out to seasoned vegans who still struggle with talking about their choices with others.