I really like the premise of this book. Sometimes a good question is all you need to jumpstart your brain, to think about a problem in a different way. And this book does have lots of good questions. Unfortunately, what it lacks is enough space to answer the questions if you feel inspired to do so. (The book asks you, very nearly begs you, to write all over it.) Some pages have big blocks of open space to write in, but not all questions do, including some questions that seem like they would need the extra space. The pages are also glossy, which makes it difficult to use pencils and almost impossible to erase if you make a mistake. It would have been nice to see this book printed as an actual workbook, or come with downloadable pages to print out or fill in on a computer. The best you can do with the book as it currently is, is to keep a notebook open next to it, or go through it with a word processing program open.