Highly recommended for anyone's kitchen!
When I was given this cookbook as a gift, I was skeptical about it. "There's no way it will live up to all the hype around it," I thought. "And it's not going to be helpful with my food allergies at all." From the outset, I almost didn't want to like it.

But there's a reason why it's so popular in the vegan/vegetarian community - it really is an amazing cookbook. So many of the recipes are imaginative and unique to this book - I've never seen a recipe like Spicy Tempeh Broccoli Rabe anywhere else before (which I HIGHLY recommend) - and I've only run into a few duds (the Rustic White Bean and Mushrooms with the Tomato Couscous with Capers, a combination suggested by the book, was pretty awful). And when I've served some of these dishes to non-vegans, they've always enjoyed it!

Although this cookbook isn't specifically gluten-free or allergen-free, with a little know-how you can easily turn many of these recipes into something safe for allergy-sufferers to eat (pumpkin/sunflower seeds for nuts, rice/hemp/coconut milk for soymilk, brown rice pasta instead of wheat, etc.).

No matter how many other cookbooks I get, I always find myself coming back to this one for our family favorites.