A true SF classic film
In this early 1970's German film, you can plainly see where the ideas for many of the modern Virtual Reality related hit movies (like "The Matrix" or "Inception") were conceived and explored. A fascinating gem of a film, hiding amongst the AADL's many holdings,

I'd highly recommend viewing by any good SF fan, or "technology film" buff. Just as "2001: A Space Odyssey" accurately forecasted such things as real time computer displays et al far before their actual appearance, this film's plot nicely discusses a VR theme, some of the technologies' potential ramifications and (mis)uses, decades before VR really became widely known and viable as more than just a research curiosity.

There are also a lot of great extras on the disk, discussing the making of the film, its ramifications, and talks with many of the people involved, so be sure to take the time to review them as well.

- Keith Mc.