The Name of the Star is terrifying. I was kept up at nights because I was afraid that I would find a murderous ghost standing over my bed. But it was still a wonderful book! Despite everything, I loved Charlotte, almost as much as I loved Rory! Some of my favorite parts of the book were when she would bring up her life in Louisiana and her eccentric family, which was always hilarious. One of the few things that I disliked about this book was the predictability. Normally, when I read adventure books, I have an inkling of what's coming, but then there's something else that completely surprises me. But in this book, I pretty much guessed what was coming. I guessed that something would happen to Charlotte, what would happen to Rory, who Boo was, and even who the Ripper was when he was alive.
I also didn't really like Jerome. Most of the characters (Rory, Charlotte, Stephen, and Callum especially) were fleshed out and, although they were all "good" characters, they had evil and bad sides. None of them were perfect. Jerome was the exception. I've always disliked when the main character's romantic interest is absolutely perfect. No flaws, nothing. Just Listen by Sarah Dessen did a great job of making Owen dark but loveable, as did How to Say Goodbye in Robot by Natalie Standiford with Jonah. But Jerome just seemed too.....perfect. I wanted their romance to be more fleshed out, with Jerome being much deeper than he seemed. But I still liked the book.
Pros: The fast pacing, I was always on the edge of my seat, great fleshed out characters.
Cons: The predictability, it kept me up at night, Jerome.