Bright Young Things is magnificent! The historical facts and the details are what make this book so amazing. You can tell that Ms. Godbersen put a lot of effort into making sure that the details and facts were accurate. I would have read this book just for the amazing historical detail. But the actual story was amazing, too! The initial friendship between Letty and Cordelia seemed so real and sweet, and I spent the entire book yearning for them to reconcile. Astrid was also a nice touch, although her relationship with Charlie annoyed me a bit. The relationship between Cordelia and Thom was spectacular, too. The ending was great, too, with Cordelia.
Pros: Great historical detail, the friendships seem amazing and 100 real
Cons: Cordelia should have slapped Thom in the end.
This book was amazing. I definitely recommend it to everyone who loves romance or historical fiction. I can't wait to read the sequel!