tolerable chick-lit
this was very white, hetero, cis, middle-class lady stuff. we're not breaking any ground with this one, hence the "tolerable chick-lit" label. but! this book steamrolls the average GIFNELLA-monster (giffin,bushnell,kinsella,etc) selection. i liked it. the narration kept it interesting. it was a FAST read. it was funny and fairly honest. my ratings are usually curved in relation to the genre (in this case "chick-lit.")

it followed a group of young-20s into their early 30s. There was the typical "will i be alone forever" questionand bad relationships, irritation with family and drunken nights, but only because it's what most middle class folks go through. There wasn't any of the obnoxious zaniness and complete lack of self-reflexivity and growth that i just can't stand in most chick-lit (see: shopaholic series, bridget jones.).
The narration was good, and considering the amount of characters she narrated, the author did a great job. the vignettes within the chapters/scenes of memories were well placed, it mirrored how memories would come to the surface in real life. It was an interesting alternative to the 3rd person omniscient narrator, or the character breaking the 4th wall.
It was hard to follow all of the characters if you aren't paying attention, but who only has 4 friends/acquaintances from college? There were a lot of secondary characters/mutual friends and they added to the story and shaped the pictures of the main characters. 3.5 stars