Book Magic + Adventure
A book of book magic and a book of movie magic, all wrapped into one. I've had this on my "to read" list for a while now, but was finally pushed to read it after seeing the trailer for the upcoming movie coming out in November, directed by Martin Scorsese.

Being pushed to read the book due to a movie doesn't normally jive with my library-loving, book-loving logic. But it works for this! Because the book is a movie in itself- which I didn't expect, and it involves a bit of film history, which was wonderful (for my film buff self). I also read it in one sitting - it's that kind of book.

It follows young orphaned Hugo on the streets of Paris in the 1930s. Living in a train station, keeping the clocks running, collecting gears, drawing, and stealing toys are Hugo's days until a riddle from his past comes to life and the pieces start fitting together. Along with the young Isabelle, they have a bit of an adventure that links Hugo, Isabelle and her Papa Georges!

Over 200 beautiful, award winning illustrations, wrapped into a fantastic journey.