Read the books first
These are ok. I was hard on them at first because of the corny computer animation and what I thought were bad decisions on what to put in (and I still feel that way). Not to mention that its hard to find good actors in the 10 and 11 range.

But the movies get better and better and all the way to being pretty good. To the point where I now look forward to watching the last of them. Well, not really looking forward to the last of them, it was too sad a book for me to really want to see the movie.

If I can say one thing it’s that you should read the books first. The real magic is in those books, I think that you’ll miss out on a lot if you do it the other way round.

And neither of the actors playing Dumbledoor got it right. I’m not sure if a human could, but neither one of them even got close.