I am NEED an editor
The story is gripping. I didn’t want to put it down, so that I could find out what happened, however there were definitely some problems with it as well. Things that will annoy you in the extreme.

Several time throughout the book there was phrasing that was so garbled and incoherent that no matter how many times I reread the passage I couldn’t make sense of it. like the author was trying to be cleaver with their writing instead of telling the story.

You will also be extremely frustrated with the fighting in the book. Some of the characters are essentially described as supper man (with extra cool powers) and then they all but get their asses handed to them by normal people. Then they get there asses handed to them by aliens with no actual powers, with little or no explication as to how.

The main character is in a fight to the death and while he has no problem killing the people he is supposed to, he doesn’t do so when he can. INFURIATING. Just infuriating.