This book tells the story of a crew sailing the Malabar from Grand Traverse Bay (on Lake Michigan) to a harbor in Maine -- through 4 of the 5 Great Lakes, part of the Erie Canal, the Hudson River, and on into the Atlantic.

My husband enjoyed the languid pace of the writing. I don't really have an opinion (positive or negative) on the pacing, but I got really annoyed at how the book jumps back and forth. The author will be writing about their journey, then he'll jump into some treatise on historical French explorers, or some explanation of invasive species or environmental damage, and eventually come back to the journey - all within one chapter. And a few times, the journey narrative didn't even seem strictly chronological. I found myself skipping those sections to finish up the journey storyline, then backtracking to read the tangents. I might have enjoyed the book more if he would have alternated chapters - narrative, historical/ecological - rather than interspersing snippets. Don't get me wrong, I found the history and science sections quite interesting (especially as I know very little about the history of this area, since I didn't grow up here), but the jumping around almost made me crazy at times.