To me this book was a sigh of relief. So many teen books now have been infiltrated by sensuality which doesn't need to be there, especially when it is completely out of context with the story! I love historical fiction books... mainly because I love history, but also because most historical fiction writers stay away from that. However, teen writers are so much more writing like this because it is what teens seem to want, and it has even made appearances in historical fiction now. This makes it increasingly difficult to find good "clean" books for teens.

As I said before though this book is a sigh of relief because the author was just able to stick with the story and not get off track writing about a romance that has nothing to do with the book. Of course there is some attraction between characters, but it stops at that... because... what a concept, RESPECT and MORALITY:)

This book is set during the American Revolution when that was a big deal. It was a time when a girl and a guy weren't alone together, but with a chaperon. That's part of the history and this author kept that where even in historical fiction books authors are straying from that!

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