Hallowe'en party, revisited
"Thana? That's Greek?"
(is it short for something, like Thanatis, or Thanatos ie. 'death'?)
Thana's not saying, but then, she is supposed to be mute.
Or is she: "...Sister".
Evidently all those hours spent pushing a hot iron give Thana the physical strength and control to shoot a big .45 automatic with one hand.
She wears great outfits, even for someone working in the Garment district in the late 70's, with the threat of yet more garbage collection strikes (which I confess makes me nostalgic).

Nice, tight drama, carried well by Zoë Tamerlis, as Abel Ferrara's first deserved kudos for direction.

But why is there a trumpet at the party, when Joe Delia is blowing on the tenor?