My 5 year old and I picked this book off the shelf and read it together last night. I didn't see any indication from the outside that it's a ghost story, and I would have appreciated that warning.

We get to the part where the protagonist goes to the graveyard and finds a bone, and my kiddo is interested/excited. Could he go to the cemetery and get one of great grandpa's bones?, he wonders.
Then she takes that bone home to make soup, and I'm thinking... this is weird, who makes soup with a human bone...

But first she puts the bone in a drawer while she sleeps, and a voice comes asking for the bone and she gets freaked out and throws it out the window.

All ok as a story. I think I've heard a ghost story like this before. Did NOT seem ok as an easy reader with a pic of a little old lady walking down the lane on the cover. Please, warn us parents! Kid was up for an hour asking about different scary things that might come in the house. We wouldn't have picked out this book.

Also, how did I not notice the element of, "huh, found a bone in a graveyard, guess I'll make soup!" creepy before??? I guess it's different when kid has identified the bone as belonging to a dear relative...

[I should also note: As a ghost story that's really easy to read, it's probably GREAT for people who intended to be reading a ghost story. It's more complex/interesting than a lot of "easy readers" out there. It just wasn't right for my kindergartener...]