total waste of time, don't read it
Definitely one of the worst books I've ever read for two main reasons. No real story, and superficial cliché characters that don't evolve and never really go anywhere.
I only finished it because I thought the author would somehow miraculously bring it all together in the end and there would be some sense to it. But that's not the case.

I bought this while on vacation at a bookstore where I've had past success with trying new books. The summary had promise, and it has many good comments in the “praise” section at the beginning. This should have been a tip off. If it's a good book, why would it be necessary to include 58 comments on how great it is? And going back and reading these, all were partial quotes about things like “will seize you on the first page and not let you go.” But none of them went into any depth, and none about if it's a good story. Would be curious to see the complete reviews as I'm guessing it wasn't all positive.
This one sums it all up, “I started and finished BEFORE THE FALL in one day.” The guy probably couldn't take it any more, skipped to the end, and tossed it in the trash.

Here's the thing. The main event, a plane crash in the ocean, is at the beginning. The rest of the book is backstory on people who died in the crash. But since it already happened, it's all irrelevant. These individual stories are interspersed with what's going on in the present after the crash with the two survivors. The summary on the back cover alludes to a relationship growing between the two survivors, that it “grows and glows at the heart of this stunning novel, raising questions of fate, morality, and the inextricable ties that bind us together.”
But that relationship doesn't happen. They have some contact at the end, but it doesn't drive the story at all.

The characters are a collection of cliché people that have no depth and don't go anywhere. Yet the author spends the bulk of the book trying to tell their stories with no relevant role in the story. The men are all hyper successful wealthy power brokers. Except for one guy who's a total deadbeat. The women are trophy wives or something irrelevant. I mean, none of these people seem to be able to think or have anything useful to say. Lots of empty dialog.
The main family's security guard has his own chapter. It seems like a big ego trip for the author as this character is not only former Israeli special forces and can (and has) do about anything like a superhero, but he beds beautiful celebrity women whom he's tasked with protecting.

The (seemingly) main character doesn't evolve after the crash and the aftermath. He did all his growing before the story started.
I find it hard to have a story without any character arc or something changing because of an event, especially a tragic one.

I will agree with some of the reviews that the book does make some attempt at pointing out the state of commercial tv news and vilifying it. But again, since it's such an obvious subject, it's just another cliché story line.

The ending is, well, just plain stupid. It doesn't add up and has nothing to do with the rest of the story.

Seems like an author with the credentials of Noah Hawley could do better. This book is the written equivalent of using canned music as a soundtrack: you've heard it all before, except this version is played twice as fast and half as well.

The extremely weak writing, lack of a cohesive story, and cliche characters that don't go anywhere are all reasons to not even think about picking up this book. By the way, my evaluation is based on comparing the quality to books of similar genre and not against really great literary works.
Do yourself a favor and find something better.