Great for Ametuers or Newbies
I've borrowed this two times, and got two different ones of the same model. The first was AMAZING. Saw three of Jupiter's Moons in orbit around it! Saw Saturn, like actual with ring(s)!!! And the full moon was astounding (once I got past the light blindness)!

However, the second one was fuzzier when looking at Jupiter and its moons. There was so noticeable a difference between the two telescopes I was disappointed enough with the second that I didn't even try to see other planets, just tried looking at stars trying to find nebulae (I didn't).

Waiting on borrowing for a third time. Hoping for one of the better ones!

The third time I had one of these telescopes was just as much fun as the first time! Turns out, the second telescope wasn't worse than the first, the Earth had moved farther away from Jupiter, making it harder to see of course!