Reviews by chowcy
Better than I thought!
Kids movies have a tendency to be cheesy, juvenile, and have poor acting, but I found this movie to be awesome! The acting is surprisingly good (I was quite moved all the times Greg was alone and miserable), and the message is wonderful: life goes on, and the things you think are important now will just be memories in the future. I recommend this movie to kids and teenagers and even adults! :)
The bonus disc is the best part
The actual episode was mediocre. I found the animation to be ineffective, especially since it just couldn't seem to capture the many microexpressions of David Tennant. If it hadn't been animated, I'd say it was a pretty average episode of Doctor Who.

Fortunately, to make up for the episode, there's a bonus disc called "Doctor Who Greatest Moments" that comes with it. It's basically a documentary about the Doctor, his companions, and the monsters. It's about three hours long and I think it'd be really enjoyable for anyone who's watched all the episodes of the 9th and 10th doctors.
One of the best silent films
Most silent films can be dull, overly exaggerated, and slow-paced, but Metropolis is great. Although it's long, it's engaging. It also has surprisingly advanced special effects for a film from the 1920's. This particular 2010 edition has restored many of the scenes that had been missing.