Reviews by chowcy
Air is fabulous
I've listened to both Alchemy Index CDs, and I have to say Air is my favorite element. Thrice creates a floaty sound that reminds me of Circa Survive. Earth is also great. It has a very grounded, slow acoustic feel to it.
Recommended Tracks:
Daedalus - Air
Digging my own Grave - Earth
In the Alchemy Index, experimental rock band Thrice attempt to create music based on the 4 elements. Fire has a heavier sound than the other three, and water has a very serene sound to it. Recommended for people who like interesting and unconventional music.
Great band
Circa Survive's sound and style are fairly consistent throughout albums. If you love Circa Survive's sound, then this album delivers!
This was a fairly good episode, and the special effects of the 70s are quite amusing. It also has some interesting bonus features if you're a big Who fan.
My Favorite Album
I already own this album, but I just had to write a review anyway!
Fair to Midland is talented, thoughtful, eccentric, and quirky, and the music reflects this. Most notable is the range and multi-functionality of Darroh Sudderth's voice. The lyrics are cryptic, and they take a while to decipher, but in the end, it is up to the listeners to create their own meaning and interpretation to the songs. I personally believe this album is about being assertive, about being done being passive or aggressive, and just finding that middle ground. Get what you want and make your life your own. It's inspiring and life-changing!
Favorite tracks:
Heavens to Murgatroyd - there's a great life message in the lyrics
Whiskey & Ritalin - excellent hard track
Amarillo Sleeps on my Pillow - demonstrates the versatility of the band, it even sounds like they used a banjo
A Loophole in Limbo - beautiful track and chorus
Rikki Tikki Tavi - brilliant mix of passive and aggressive, in both message and music
Bright Bulbs & Sharp Tools - catchy
Coppertank Island - I dare you to listen to this song several times and not get "I'm a whale!!!!" stuck in your head
The Greener Grass - an 11-minute progressive masterpiece

I definitely recommend this for progressive rock fans. FTM doesn't always please people the first listen, but just give it a second chance and listen to it several times before you return it to the library!