Reviews by chowcy
My Doctor
It might be because this season is the first I watched, but Matt Smith is my favorite Doctor. I loved him from the start! The Eleventh Hour is a brilliant episode and it showcases the personalities of the new doctor and the new companion. Plus, the plot is engaging and clever. The Beast Below was emotional for me, and Amy helps us see a deeper side to the Doctor. Both episodes are terrific!
I enjoyed all of these episodes a lot. The Lodger is meant to be a comedy piece, so it's acceptable that the plot is a bit underexplained. And The Pandorica Opens/ Big Bang wrap up a lot of ends and are overall quite epic!
Plus, the Doctor wears a fez now! :)
a bit disappointing
Out of all the two-part episodes I've seen, Hungry Earth/Cold Blood seems to be one of the weaker ones. The Silurians are definitely interesting and beautiful monsters, but I'm not quite sure the plot was as interesting.
However! Vincent and the Doctor is excellent. I like that Amy and the Doctor have fun and are so enthusiastic to meet Van Gogh. And all I can say is that it's a beautiful episode. It's one of those episodes that change your perspective on the world and make you see beauty everywhere. Just wow!
excellent episodes
Flesh and Stone continues the intense and scary 2-part Weeping Angels story, and it has a great and clever resolution.
I enjoyed the Vampires of Venice, especially because we are reintroduced to Rory, this time as a companion. And he's great and awkward and funny.
Amy's Choice is a very interesting episode, and there's a lot of character development.
Overall, these are great episodes!
I'm sorry, but Victory of the Daleks has to be the worst episode of the season. On the other hand, the Time of Angels is one of the best. So be sure to borrow this disc anyway!