Reviews by chowcy
This is definitely a film that is driven by philosophy and thoughts, rather than any particular plot. We see schoolboy cruelty through the eyes of a young, curious, intelligent boy. I thought it was great.
Out of all the Rammstein songs I've heard, most of my favorites are from this album. It's excellent. Kinda creepy though
kinda disappointing
I think their other albums sounded better
Important episodes!
These three episodes are very important to Series 6, so make sure to watch it!
Beautiful scenery
The first two episodes (The Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon) not only have a great plotline and scary monsters, but the scenery is beautiful, especially at Lake Silencio. They're amazing.
Curse of the Black Spot is probably the weakest episode of this season. Very filler, and not all that interesting.
The Doctor's Wife is my favorite episode of all time. I definitely recommend that episode to anyone who would love to see the relationship between the Doctor and "his" TARDIS. :)