Reviews by chowcy
not bad
I personally prefer the book, but this is not a bad film, as far as book-to-film adaptations go. There is, however, a lot more nudity than I'm comfortable with.
not a fan
bad acting, not much character development, and slow-paced.
Pretty close to the movie
This is one of those rare cases when the movie is better than the book (not because the book is bad or anything, but because the story is easier to understand in film form). Palahniuk's writing style is very fragmented and ADD. Although it's done on purpose, it's still hard to understand what's going on. If I hadn't watched the movie before, I'd probably be confused.

It's not like this book is bad though. A lot of those memorable one-liners in the movie are copied verbatim from the book. And you get a better feel for the narrator's thoughts in the book than in the movie.
Strong message
This movie has a lot to say about privacy and freedom, and it does it effectively! Good movie
I'm not sure how I feel...
The plot is kinda hard to follow due to the large number of characters in the film. I think the movie's trying to say something important about child-rearing/ parental influence, but it's hard to draw any real conclusions because I'm not even sure I understand what happened!