Reviews by BookNerd
History, With Humor, Or Maybe Sarcasm
Intense, in-depth history of Germany told in a voice that pokes fun of most of the events, and certainly at the pomposity of both academic history books and super-nationalistic Germain patriots.
Basic Self-Therapy For Chronic Conditions
Well thought out six week program for learning to face chronic ill-health.

Basically well documented* program for learning to be far more than your diagnosis. Using cognitive techniques to lessen pain and reduce your reliance on drugs and doctors for relief.

*(some of the research has been debunked)
Sales Brochure
This book is divided into three types of information:
Infomercial about the proprietary "pain therapies" of the sponsor
First person diary entries from someone who bought into their scheme
Some amazingly sound advice about how to live with chronic pain.

Written in a 'golly aren't doctors wonderful' style, the book uses very elementary language to convey the main points about learning to thrive even with severe pain.

If you can turn the pages fast enough to ignore the infomercials, this will give you a very basic set of information. Probably better to get the information from Mayo Clinic on the web.
Light-weight Feel-good Novel
A breezy style and multiple points of view make this charming little book an easy summer read.

Southern runway model; young Bloomingdale sales person; older Bloomingdale sales person; private detective; legal assistant; burqa-wearing Parisian sisters; Instagram fake; and their masculine counterparts are the strings woven into this lighthearted story of a classic Little Black Dress.

Reminiscent of the Ray Bradbury short story (and later play, and even later movie) "The Wonderful Ice Cream Suit".
American Cooking
Easy recipes, but you'll need access to foods, especially chiles, that are not readily available in US grocery stores. Hispanic grocery stores in Ypsilanti and in Mexicantown in Detroit are your best source.

The recipes are organized by country, with representative appetizers, soup, bread, vegetable, meat, empanada, and dessert recipes for each of 20 different Central or South American countries