Reviews by Flying Sheep
It is an educational read engineered for children. It's still a good book though.
Weirdest movie ever
So to say that this movie made no sense would be giving it too much credit. This movie defied and defiled the very concept of making sense. Nothing in this film is believable or realistic, and it is one of the worst movies ever made.

That being said, it's awfulness is what makes it so charmingly unique and memorable. I love this movie in that it is so pathetic. It's worth checking out, because love it or hate it, you will not forget it.
It's an okay art book. Not the greatest, but still it's okay.
Pretty little babies
Goblin Sharks are not ugly or weird. They are unique little animals. This book had lots of information though, and is a nice read.
This film was very interesting and discussed a multitude of sightings. I enjoyed it, and would recommend it to anyone interested in cryptozoology.