Reviews by beeniepie
Solid installment
I was surprised I would like this movie since the last book in the trilogy was the weakest. Also, I am not a fan of how all YA adaptations need to have a two part last movie in the trilogy -- who made this decision?!

With all of that said, the movie did a great adaptation of Mockingjay. So much of the book's action is from Katniss' point of view, and the movie allows us the characters to breathe life into the film. Effie's expanded role surprisingly worked well, and Julianne Moore was fantastic as the tough leader of district 13.
Great introduction to the learning about value
My preschooler became more aware of the value of money and what an allowance was after we read this book. I like how there are the two very different siblings and their reactions to the same information.
Old school Berenstain Bears
The kids help the museum find a missing dinosaur bones on opening day. An unlikely thief is discovered near the end. I love the older BB books.
Great dark comedy
An unflinching dark comedy about race, a subject many film makers are intimidated to take on. The racial politics within races was spot on, and included today's obsession with confessional youtube videos and popularity. Watch the special features! I had no idea this started off as a short.
Great book on dealing with disappointment
This is a great book on how to make lemons out of lemonade. The friends have their hearts set on playing outside until it starts to rain. I love that they are able to figure out how to still have fun. Elephant and Piggie books provide silly and fun social stories.