Reviews by beeniepie
Great overview on fermentation
This is a great first book for people who are interested in learning about fermentation. Not only does it contain the history and cultural aspects of foods such as kimchi and kefir, but gives readers detailed recipes on how to make these items yourself.
This is a great book for kids to read on the topic of interrupting. The author does an excellent job describing what it must feel like for a child when they want to talk despite it not being their turn. Their words push against their teeth then erupt like a volcano. Near the end of the book, the main character, Simon, experiences first hand how he feels when his classmates interrupt him. After describing his anger and hurt with his mother, Simon's mom explains to Simon that she feels the same way (angry/hurt) when Simon interrupts her. Simon's mom then suggests that Simon bite his teeth together and blow his words out through his nose. My preschooler and I tried this technique out, and I was not thrilled with the horse-sounding snort that he made. I guess sounding impatient is slightly better than interrupting, but I wish the book made a quieter suggestion.
Unethical suggestions
This book has a lot of the expected suggestions, such as eating out for lunch instead of dinner, and staying at a place with a kitchenette. What shocked me was the suggestion to call the theme park to complain about a service so you could receive some type of comp, even if the service was impeccable. I could not believe that a published work would have such unethical advice.
Great bore
Wow, I didn't think it was possible to recruit such an ensemble cast and director and create such a boring, emotionless film. Saturating colors and close ups alone do not make a great film. Luhrmann attempted to borrow some of the greatness from Moulin Rouge and failed brilliantly. The chemistry between DiCaprio and Mulligan was forced. The friendship between DiCaprio and Maguire was believable, but not enough to send anyone to the looney bin. The movie was such a disappointment to such a great novel.
Fun movie for young car-lovers
This is a great animated movie for the little car lovers. Pixar does a great job illustrating the over-arching theme of the pitfalls of hubris and rewards of friendship and teamwork.

My only reservation was when Lightning McQueen very loudly complained, "I'm in hillbilly hell!"

As a parent of a preschooler, I was a little surprised that Pixar used that type of language. I'm no prude, and I still let my son watch the movie. I tried to brush it off when he asked me what "hillbilly hell" means, but just thought other parents might want to know before showing the movie to their kids.