Reviews by AutumnStar
one of the best!!!
A lots of violence: human heads being catapulted, just barely PG-13. Other than that it is an awesome movie like all the other movies in this series, though i excpected more Frodo, i was happy i got my bliss at the end :)
The first time i heard some of these i was crying. One of my other faves: Concerning Hobbits # 2. I wish i'd pay more attention to the music in the movies. You'll never want to return this. I might just have to buy it :D :D I also like the Breaking of the Fellowship. I think this is the best. Enya is a very good celtic singer. I could listen to that one a hundred times.
Bad :| but hey you did good david!!!
Worst season EVER, we hate you Freema/Martha Jones!!!
This was wonderful. (I am never gonna watch the end of time again, so sad when he regenerates into idiot eleventh dr.)
Such a sweet season :D