Reviews by Starlight221
Just because Amy and Rory are on the cover doesn't mean that they are in the disc. Which they are not. SO if you are expecting this to be full of Amy and Rory you need to see the other discs check out the link BELOW:
I was really happy about this movie though i would have to say above all the movies The Fellowship of the Ring was definitely that BEST,
I was really ALSO very happy about Legolas and i was really dying at the end when he came into the room in Rivendell and i liked that last part when he's there at Aragorn's coronation
I felt really bad for Pippin wen Denethor was eating like a pig, i wanted to hug him :( :(
So, i guess you could call this one of the best movies (well, LoTr is the best movie series to me) and hope u get a chance to watch it and watch all my fave Legolas part (BLISS!) and, yeaaaa...
I'd like to say that Legolas was TOTALLY AWESOME
And that the whole time Aragorn acted like a big-shot
So if you want to keep some sanity i would like to tell you that you should hate Aragorn and not pay any attention to the things he does and to keep your gaze away from his ugly face (MOFFAT!)
one of the best!!!
A lots of violence: human heads being catapulted, just barely PG-13. Other than that it is an awesome movie like all the other movies in this series, though i excpected more Frodo, i was happy i got my bliss at the end :)
The first time i heard some of these i was crying. One of my other faves: Concerning Hobbits # 2. I wish i'd pay more attention to the music in the movies. You'll never want to return this. I might just have to buy it :D :D I also like the Breaking of the Fellowship. I think this is the best. Enya is a very good celtic singer. I could listen to that one a hundred times.