Reviews by iamnotonfire
This album sucks! These are really stupid songs, I really think that on the song "In which Draco Malfoy cries like a baby" should show more respect, Harry followed Draco into the bathroom trying to weasel to Draco's business. "Smoochy smoochy pukey pukey." Thats just stupid name, Draco and the Malfoy's dont have stupid named like this. Overall, this album (not to mention the other(s)) is very stupid and the tunes are bad and i would not recommend it.
This is by FAR her best album, my favorites are Shepherd Moon, Carribean Blue, Book of Days, Lothlorien, and How can i keep from Singing.
She's really talented and shes really good at singing even with a heavy Irish accent :)
This is SO stupid and he thinks he's a star when hes really a git, and he's SO OLD and these songs are just like so TYPICAL!!!!
Nope. Messed up! Horrible.
Haven't watched it but know enough about it to know its horrible. I am very disappointed withe the Hobbit movies. They do not follow the book whatsoever and the movies are way too long. Peter Jackson did no think enough about this. One, because the Hobbit had no Elf-to-Dwarf relationship and in the Lord of the Rings books it said Legolas and Gimli where the only Elf-to-Dwarf relationship so how is it that the Hobbit has one and the Hobbit is before the Lord of the Rings and TOLKIEN wrote it. This isn't rocket-science this is commonsense, Jackson! Two, because there's in no such thing as Tauriel and no mention of a young female elf. Three, I used to like Kili and Fili when i didn't know when they were coming out with a movie, when i first opened the Hobbit a few years ago. There supposed to have that reddish-blonde hair. I don't agree with these movies at all. And i CERTAINLY don't agree with Legolas being in this movie either. Why can't people keep it clean. This movie is bloody rubbish!
cool if your a Madrigal don't read. Content is only suitable for Janus and Lucian.