Reviews by AutumnStar
I liked this book but you should read the older one because its more detailed.
This is really awesome, there was no boring moment. I had an awesome time with this book!!!!
This is one of the best books I've ever read
Really exciting and engaging
Super awesome!!
This album sucks! These are really stupid songs, I really think that on the song "In which Draco Malfoy cries like a baby" should show more respect, Harry followed Draco into the bathroom trying to weasel to Draco's business. "Smoochy smoochy pukey pukey." Thats just stupid name, Draco and the Malfoy's dont have stupid named like this. Overall, this album (not to mention the other(s)) is very stupid and the tunes are bad and i would not recommend it.
This is by FAR her best album, my favorites are Shepherd Moon, Carribean Blue, Book of Days, Lothlorien, and How can i keep from Singing.
She's really talented and shes really good at singing even with a heavy Irish accent :)