Reviews by Aishy
Nope. Messed up! Horrible.
Haven't watched it but know enough about it to know its horrible. I am very disappointed withe the Hobbit movies. They do not follow the book whatsoever and the movies are way too long. Peter Jackson did no think enough about this. One, because the Hobbit had no Elf-to-Dwarf relationship and in the Lord of the Rings books it said Legolas and Gimli where the only Elf-to-Dwarf relationship so how is it that the Hobbit has one and the Hobbit is before the Lord of the Rings and TOLKIEN wrote it. This isn't rocket-science this is commonsense, Jackson! Two, because there's in no such thing as Tauriel and no mention of a young female elf. Three, I used to like Kili and Fili when i didn't know when they were coming out with a movie, when i first opened the Hobbit a few years ago. There supposed to have that reddish-blonde hair. I don't agree with these movies at all. And i CERTAINLY don't agree with Legolas being in this movie either. Why can't people keep it clean. This movie is bloody rubbish!
cool if your a Madrigal don't read. Content is only suitable for Janus and Lucian.
Very Nice!
This was a very interesting book. I have reviewed the first and as i had said for all ages. A little bit of nudity (i mean being searched and having to be naked) but that's pretty ok considering there's so much more to think about other than that. I read these book some time in Jan. 2013! It was great read! Easy, interesting, funny, exciting, thrilling, suspenseful and so much more! I'd like to thank Bruce Coville for making such an easy, interesting, funny, exciting, thrilling, suspenseful and so much more AWESOME book! XDDDDDD

Funny Beginning LOOOOL
I found the beginning was very funny. "Loser Express" cracked me up! Lol!!!!!!!
This is the first 39 Clues Book and it is a pretty good start for such a long series. Though just saying the whole Benjamin Franklin thing drove me crazy because i was watching a documentary that had stuff about Ben and i was just going nuts because i had heard the name "Benjamin Franklin" all day long! I was wonderig if other people went kinda "NO MORE BEN FRANKLIN, IF I SEE THAT NAME AGAIN I AM GONNA GO BERSERK!" I guess i was just really tired of seeing and hearing about him. I do not like Amy Cahill. She's a stuck up know-it-all. I think she needs to spend sometime thinking about yea she knows a lot but she can't expect everybody else to know everything SHE know. I think Dan is better, not saying he's my favorite, my personal favorites are Irina Spasky (i think she's a nice and evil Lucian) and Jonah Wizard, i mean he's awesome, c'moooon!!! I think Alistair Oh is really annoying, he's one of those old men who goes around acting nice and trying to trade info *hint hint* and then turning around and tricking you, comes back and has some story of pitifulness and then expects you to believe what he's saying. So all in all yea Amy and Alistair: off the charts! I don't like Ian and Natalie even though i like Lucian's and all i just think there stuck up rich kids. I'd like them if they were less "Hey, look! I'm rich! I'm pretty! I'm wearing designer clothe!" They have semi-good-plots but i think they deserve a little spanking and less "Spoil me!" attitude if you know what i am saying. Ian is better but i think Natalie: meh.... who else? There's Broderick Wizard? Yah everybody hates him! Isabel Kabra (Ian and Natalie's mummy) is a really sophisticated Lucian and i think she would do really well as a Death Eater. Anyway, you get my drift! Vikram Kabra we don't know anything about except that he's Ian and Natalie's daddy. And i don't know if i like him cause i don't know much about him. I have only read this first book but my sisters read like all the books and there constantly waiting for the new books to come out. So i know from them most of the people (all of them basically.) I do wish that thsi book had more introduction to the characters but you can always get the Black Book of Buried Secrets. really helpful! It has ages and pictures and hometowns and tiny (or big or medium) biographies of the characters like Nellie and Amy and Dan and Ian and Natalie and Irina and Grace and all those other people that are or aren't really important but you can still read it. Anyway this is a great book with a lot of action and i think Rick Riordan did a moderately good job on this first book. the second book is written by Gordan Korman and throughout the series it IS written by different people i'm not sure why but i think this may have been some kind of group ideas and they brought along new authors to kinda spice up the series with the different peoples styles of writing. So yea! Excellent book! Go read it! And read all the other books in the series!