Reviews by Akkitaset
This book was better than the last. But Amy is insane and a really big git as usual. She needs to calm down and not freak out.
This book was alright. Maybe it was because I read Lord of the Rings before reading this book, but it seemed less good than the other books and not what I remembered at all.
It's prob just me. and how I think that J.K.Rowling is trying to be a Tolkien and failing by a long shot. If you thing that Rowling is the best writer in the world, you need to read some Tolkien, and then you can see what real writing is. Just please have a heart. Dumbledore is nothing compared to Gandalf. Just know that.
P.S. I love these books, I'm just saying that they're not the best, and you should also read things that will teach you something other than the random claims of Harry against Draco, which annoyed everyone.
It starts out a bit slow, and that's why most people haven't read it. once you get to book two (same volume different book you may know it as halfway through the Fellowship of the ring if that makes sense) it gets WAAAAY better. inn the second and last book the is such excitement! so get though the first book, and YOU WON'T REGRET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is bad
His songs are really inappropriate and should not be listened to by ANYONE.
if you fear for your sanity don't listen to Boyfriend. don't watch the music video either (it's very bad)

He's turned bad no wonder he's quitting.
Awesome first album
I see all the comments here are negative.
two things:
1: One Direction have proved talent!!! You can't fake playing guitar. and you also can't fake the X factor or childhood memories
2: MOST OF THE SONGS ARE NOT repeating the same thing. it's kind of at the end. It's also the structure for ALL good pop/rock songs these days. do it's pretty much like it, or GET OUT
Other than that these are absolutely WONDERFUL and I LOVE then and recommend this album to everyone. It is a AWESOME first album