Reviews by angejohn
A Hopeful and Inspiring Story
I was reminded of numerous stories I'd heard from family and friends about their encounters (not telephone calls) as well as my own experiences in this vein. Very believable. Relevant for our troubled times.

Not the same caliber as Tuesdays with Morrie, But still a very interesting and worthwhile read.
I set out to read this text as a moral (and academic) support for my middle school son who was required to read for school. I quickly found the story intriguing and moving. Protagonist August even with his unique physical characteristics is a realistic companion drew me in into his tale and carried me through on an emotional roller coaster complete with tear jerking moments and inspirational insight.

A lovely, impassioned tale about the redemptive quality of the human spirit. A must read for those of all ages old enough to understand!
Wonderful book!( The Unfinished Angel)
"The Unfinished Angel" ( in the perspective of an angel) writes about the adventures of an angel longing to find its purpose in the world, and/or its job as an angel. I thought this was a wonderful book, although it's a more serious book. I think this would suit teens- a young adult, even though it's considered to be more of a kid book.
Sunshine in A Book!
A truly uplifting "talk" with one of our foremost spiritual leaders, Joel Osteen. An easy read and understandable text. One of the best of it's kind. I recommend it all for those looking for a way to feel deeper appreciation for the joys of life.
Must Read for Parents & Caregivers of Black Children
This book is packed with essential advice and insights about the contemporary socio-cultural context of raising Black Boys (especially) in American society. Taken from their own self-developed tool box based on personal experiences of raising their sons and the inout of many experts, the authors give valuable psychosocial perspectives influenced by sometimes perilous conditions of the African American existence.

A must read!