Reviews by angejohn
The story is addictive
This book is really fun and it is good for bedtime and it is good for if you are at the hospital.

by Kaleb (age almost 8 years)
Great Book!
This book is fun and it's good for all ages.
Great Read!
This is definitely a serious book, and would suit teens the best. There are a lot of very serious moments in this book, that aren't best for the faint of heart. But, overall this is a great read, and a wonderful book!
It was a good book, some areas lacked detail but overall it was easy to understand and to comprehend. 9.5/10
Worthwhile and worthwhile educational Experience
Gives a good look into Afrocentric culture over generations. The photographs were excellent. They represented an accurate historical point of view in terms of Black cultutre in the United States.