Reviews by angejohn
Sunshine in A Book!
A truly uplifting "talk" with one of our foremost spiritual leaders, Joel Osteen. An easy read and understandable text. One of the best of it's kind. I recommend it all for those looking for a way to feel deeper appreciation for the joys of life.
Must Read for Parents & Caregivers of Black Children
This book is packed with essential advice and insights about the contemporary socio-cultural context of raising Black Boys (especially) in American society. Taken from their own self-developed tool box based on personal experiences of raising their sons and the inout of many experts, the authors give valuable psychosocial perspectives influenced by sometimes perilous conditions of the African American existence.

A must read!
Poetic Storytelling at It's Best!
Jay-Z demonstrates a brilliant mind in this poetic bibliography. Children of the nineteen eighties who adored hip hop as I do will few celebrate the creative storytelling that Jay-Z employs in this written piece.
Practical Life Guide For Young Black Men
A practical self help guide that offers some needed counsel for young coming-of-age black/African American males. Perhaps also a helpful tool for young Black women whether they be mothers, aunts, guardians, sisters, or others who care for and are interested in helping shape the socialization of a young black boy learning to become a man in America.
"That hilarious 80's show"
When I watched this DVD, I just burst out laughing. I loved the funny quotes and jokes Barney, or Fred said.My family and I love to watch this, and I can see if we had dinosaurs instead of planes, buses, and construction machines, the world would be a lot different.And I could really see how it would be like if we had those dinosaurs, instead of other additions to our modern life. I recommend this for all ages, and warn you, you might be laughing all night!