Reviews by Dayoung Nam
Great Book
I love this Wimpy Kid series, and I almost swallowed every book
in the series, and this one, hilarious as ever, was awesome.
I liked the part where Greg got a baby doll, and got pretty attached to
it. When he lost it, he replaced it as a grape fruit, which gradually rotted,
and his parents had to threw it away.
When you want to LAUGH OUT LOUD, I recommend this book to everybody,
not caring about age.
My favorite series
This series is one of my favorites, and I like it because it is hilarious
and gives me a hard laugh. This really helps when you want to laugh
aloud, and I already swallowed up the recent one that just came out,
the 6th one, the Cabin Fever.
I really LOVE this series!!
My favorite series
My mom bought this book once, and I didn't even touched it because I never thought
I'd read any kind of comic book. However, after sitting on my bookshelves so long,
I got kind of interested on that, I thought I would have a peek. And surprisingly, it wasn't
any comic book or some graphic novels, but it had great story, and I loved it.
I begin to read up every series as it came up, I already ate up the 6th one, which was
hilarious as ever.
Awesome book
This book is great, and its awesome how greg writes and draw, its so impressive,
so I made one of my own and write like him.
The book is hilarious and I felt sympathy with him in some parts.
It gave me hard laugh and I think this is so good book to laugh out loud.
This is an awesome book.
The last book of The Hunger Games Triology, and this is the ending of it.
It was amazing so far, but I agree that this book is the most boring one out of the series.
However, it is still amazing and I was very surprised about the idea of hijacked Peeta and
thought I would never, ever think of that kind of punishment for Katniss.
This book is awesome, and I really appreciate the author for writing this