Reviews by Dayoung Nam
Awesome Movie
This movie is just awesome.
I love the part where the new born vampire fight with
Cullens. There was a lot of action, plus romance but it is a
great movie.
The movie is very similar to the book, and I really like it very much.
The worst part of this movie was when Bella began to hang out with Jacob
and abandoning Edward.
Very Disappointing
This movie is NOT recommending. This has too much weird stuff in it,
and I REGRET it that I watched this. This is so scary and nothing like the
book. If you want to know about the story of Dracula, read book.
DO NOT WATCH THIS MOVIE! If you do, it's time wasting.
Great Book
This book is one of the best books I ever read and the book was amazing.
It wrote about the life of African Americans who are living Michigan.
I really enjoyed it, laugh, cry, and shout with the story.
I first read this book in Language Art class in school and that's how I met this book.
I bought it, and read it over and over again.
It's really touching and I was so impressed.
Awesome book
This book is great, and its awesome how greg writes and draw, its so impressive,
so I made one of my own and write like him.
The book is hilarious and I felt sympathy with him in some parts.
It gave me hard laugh and I think this is so good book to help you laugh out loud.