Reviews by lec.dank
Funny and Cute
The art is really cute, and so is the plot. It's a nice shoujo that's also hilarious.
One girl surrounded by who knows how many guys. They just kept coming. But anyway, there's this girl who can't play an instrument and she has to participate in this contest. A bunch of obstacles, she resolves them, it continues blah blah blah
It's cute. It's a classic shoujo thing with all the predictable characters-
The ditzy cute main character.
The prince type guy.
The tsundere guy.

And yeah,
The pervert guy.

It's enjoyable though. I'd recommend it to people craving predictable romance stuff.
Another dystopian society thing. World is messed up but everyone thinks not except our main characters. I guess it's kinda enjoyable if you don't mind the lack of originality.
Favorite series
Best books ever. Love percy Jackson