Reviews by alexcantu
Weird Childrens movie
I thought it was a weird childrens movie because there where wierd names like: The Tesseract, Mrs.Which, What's it and Who. You can tell the author and director had a wild imagination because Mrs. What's it, could transform from a crow, turn into an ugly pegasus and control the Tesseract.
This book is awesome!!!
I have read at least 5 Calvin and Hobbes books and to me this was by far the funniest, probably the most understandable (not that any of them do) ((not that I care)) the books are very well written!
the day the earth stood still
You can do an interactive theremin score!!

It was fun, exciting, creepy and weird. I think it was basically as fun as cartoons, as exciting as Tarzan, as creepy as dinosaur park, and as weird as... Well its not weird but yes it's an awesome movie!!
Bone #1
Me and my mom are reading the bone series. This is my moms first time, and my 3/4 time. I think that book 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, Handbook, Rose, and tall tales up are most exciting and in my head better, but I also think that book 1,2,3,4 are probably more interesting.
Something positive about each actor or actress
Kids: Fun to watch and very exciting and twice as energetic as me.
Maria: Someone I admire.
Captain: Strict, mean, and ugly... But good souled.
Mimes or whatever they're called: Creepy but good singers, I do admit they did horiffy me.
(Alex, age 7)