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I adored this movie. There were some aspects of the book that were cut that I had hoped would remain (e.g. *SPOILER* Charlie's sister's abortion *SPOILER*) but otherwise, it was a great adaptation and a wonderful film.
Buffy- Season 2
Reptile Boy- this episode is very weird. I don't really know how to describe it. It's not a stand out. The Xander scenes aren't particularly funny. This is one of my least favorite episodes.
Halloween- I love this episode. Halloween episodes are always a lot of fun, and this is my favorite. Buffy and Xander are absolutely hilarious. Additionally, we meet Ethan Rayne, and Oz sees Willow again!
Lie to Me- I'm a little partial to this episode. We get to meet someone from Buffy's old, pre-slayer life. And he's pretty interesting, once you get down to it. And we meet Chanterelle, who will eventually be known by many names and is a fun minor character with multiple random cameos in Angel.
The Dark Age- I don't really know what to think of this episode. It kind of drifts into obscurity, eventually. It should be a standout, finally telling us more about Giles' past. But it's not. I barely remember it. It's a good and creepy episode, but it doesn't stand out when it really should.

This batch of episodes isn't particularly good. Halloween is amazing, but the others are kind of meh, especially Reptile Boy and The Dark Age. But the next four episodes are pretty cool.
When She Was Bad- I've never liked Buffy season premieres. This is a perfect example. Buffy is very annoying in this episode, and i just don't like her. This is just a bad episode.

Some Assembly Required- this episode is alright. It's not a standout, but it's not horrible. It's an interesting idea, but it will be done again and better later in the series.

School Hard- Spike! Spike and Drusilla are introduced in this episode! They're both amazing characters. They're fan favorites, and for good reason. They're just so spectacular. And this episode is pretty good, too. It's just so much fun. It's one of my favorite episodes, ever!

Inca Mummy GIrl- Oz! This is another episode that introduces a great character. Oz doesn't appear a lot, but he's still pretty awesome. Otherwise, this episode isn't great. It has ideas that have been used before and will be used again. And the actual Inca Mummy Girl is very annoying.

These episodes are fun. The best one is School Hard, but in the space of two episodes we meet two spectacular characters whom I love so much. It's a great start to Season 2.
The Puppet Show- this episode is kind of endearing. It's bad from an outside angle, but on the other hand it's really good. It's campy. Something about it makes you like it, even though you know you shouldn't.

Nightmares- this episode is very interesting. It's similar to an episode in season four. This episode isn't as good as that one, but this one is good. It's an interesting character study, and very good. It really shows how good Buffy can and will get.

Out of Mind, Out of Sight- a lot of people don't like this episode. But I do. It's cool in an odd way. It's a very good episode. It doesn't really stand out, but it's still interesting.

Prophecy Girl- this episode is very good. It has a lot of twists and turns. It's funny, while still moving plots along. It's not my favorite season finale of Buffy, but it's still pretty awesome.

Well, that's Season 1. If you didn't like it but just watched the entire season to finish it, keep watching. It will get better. Season two is my favorite season in the series. So watch Buffy!
Never Kill a Boy on the First Date- this is an alright episode. It has a good execution about a theme that will be present in the entire series, about Buffy's struggles maintaining a normal life along with her slayer life. But something just seems off about it.

The Pack- Eion Bailey, yay! But otherwise, this episode is rather horrible. The metaphor about teenage boyhood is pretty clunky.

Angel- I love this episode. I think that a lot of people do. You might guess the big surprise about Angel, but it's still really cool. And a character is brought to the center of the action who later becomes a big part of other storylines in Angel, which is cool. And she's awesome.

I Robot, You Jane- this episode is pretty lackluster. I usually like the Willow-centric episodes, but this first one is pretty bad. The horrors-of-the-internet metaphor is pretty horrible.

Season one is not the best. But it gets better. Just stick with it.