Reviews by Morgsush
Tiny Sushi Bar Patterns
All of the Mochimochi Land designs are amazing, but this pattern is one of my favorites. It's so cute!
Little Brother
Inspired partly by the book 1984, this book is about a boy named Marcus who, along with his friends, are captured by the government after being at the wrong place (playing a scavenger hunt called Harajuku Madness) at the wrong time. They're suspected to be terrorists, and even after Marcus constantly denies their theory, they still ruthlessly torture him. After he returns home, he finds that the government has taken over everyone's lives, and that they are all monitored for signs of terrorism. It's an amazing book, and whenever there's a reference to the hacking Marcus explains it in great detail. This book actually introduced me to the idea of hacking, and it's actually also quite informational.
Anyone who enjoys dystopian YA books such as the Hunger Games, Divergent, and Matched should read this action packed book.
Fans of Percy Jackson
For anyone who enjoyed Rick Riordan's series about Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Filled with trivia, short stories, and puzzles that will make any fan happy.
This is a great book detailing one graphic artist's journey since being diagnosed as being bipolar. Ellen Forney illustrates with very raw and emotional pictures as well as quirky doodles. This book even also has many facts about bipolar disorder, which helped me.understand it better and clear up the stereotypes about it.
All in all, a terrific book with even greater illustrations.
Who knew you could write such a wonderful graphic novel about bipolar disorder?